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Current Events

Seminar - Boxwood Management: Today and Tomorrow

Thank you to all who attended! The Boxwood Seminar was a grand success! We hope to see you at our upcoming 58th Annual Boxwood Symposium in Virginia.

The American Boxwood Society, in collaboration with the USDA-ARS, sponsered a seminar entitled “Boxwood Management: Today and Tomorrow” on February 20, 2018 at the National Agricultural Library at the USDA-ARS, 1031 Baltimore Ave, Beltsville Maryland. The seminar was a unique opportunity to hear information and research from the United States and Europe.

The program centered around the latest and most up to date information on the management and prevention of the Boxwood Blight (Cylindrocladrium Pseudonaviculatum). Topics included “Living and Breeding with Boxwood Blight” and “Managing the Blight”. Presenters were experts are from around the world and include professionals from USDA, Virginia Tech, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Connecticut Extension, Herplant Nursery in Belgium, and Longwood Gardens, among others.


ABS Board of Directors Fall Meeting

The Board of Directors met at Blandy Farm this Fall. Among the topics discussed was digitizing copies for all the Boxwood Bulletins for members reference. View our Directory Page for details on our current Board.


Annual Giving Campaign

The generous financial support of our members has permitted your Society to continue to pursue its educational mission by providing information-filled publications such as The Boxwood Bulletin, The Boxwood Handbook and Boxwood: An Illustrated Encyclopedia.

The Society has been responsible for the creation and maintenance of an extensive boxwood display garden at Blandy Farm, the State Arboretum of Virginia, containing over one hundred well-labeled plants, located beside the Arboretum entrance. Your generous past donations have allowed your Society to purchase new plant name tags for this impressive garden.

The Society continues to seek research study projects which will enhance boxwood knowledge and stimulate interest in its use as the "Aristocrat of Evergreens."

In order for your Society to maintain its ability to provide such broad-reaching programs, our Sixth Annual Giving Campaign seeks your generous tax-deductible donations to supplement other revenue.


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